Bathroom Detox


Did you know that after your kitchen cleaning products, your bathroom is actually the place you are exposed to the most toxic chemicals?  

So many skin conditions are exacerbated by hidden nasties in skin care that really doesn't care. Removing them is the first step toward achieving great skin.


This Bathroom detox takes you step-by-step to clean the slate and make room for products that support your skin and support overall health and wellbeing!


The Dirty Bakers Dozen

The 13 ingredients that exist in most beauty products that you need to avoid.
All those ingredients that noone can pronounce, how good are they?

Time to let go.

Permission to let go and cleanse all he past 'skin stuff' a step into a new journey.
You even get a checklist to help you 'marie condo' you products

This mini-course will teach you what to look for in your products, what items in your home and bathroom to check, and how certain products affect and breakdown your skin causing problem areas.


Get started right now for only $27



Detox NOW

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