Confessions of a skin expert

So Its time you all knew the truth…. my skin is JUST like yours!


GASP… Yes!


In the effort to always keep it real, I NEVER put a filter on selfies in my instagram feed.
What you see is what you get. Sure I know how to use lighting to my advantage thanks to every woman friend Professional Babe, but the lines you see, the spots, the freckles, the bumps…. they’re real. I have nothing to hide.

I don’t wear make up. Ok… Brow tint, a lick of eyeliner (for special occasions!) and some mascara is my daily “uniform” thanks to my fair redhead features.


Honestly, I bought myself a Jane Iredale mineral powder foundation back in 2012 and I haven’t even come close to hitting the bottom.
I mixed myself the most amazing, bespoke Dermaviduals foundation in February of 2015 and I’ve used it twice. It matches my skin colour perfectly and sits like a dream… but I just forget to wear it.


It’s not because I have perfect skin. But because I want you to see what healthy, normal skin look’s like week in week out. I want you to see that it’s normal to have blemishes or transient things happen to our skin.


Our skin is a site of response. If there is something happening in your body, it will show up on your face. Read on to see what my skin is telling me! 


As you can see from my ‘glamour shot’ above, my skin has had a rough time the last few months!


1. I had a period of high stress, setting myself some ridiculous time expectations on some career goals… Say hello the painful dermatitis spots on my chin that, even 8 weeks later are flaring up, just when I think I am on top of it.


2. I travelled on 3 planes, changed climates and time zones, lost a lot of sleep…say hello dryness (my face feels tight and wind-burnt), dark circles and puffiness (oh the kankles!). Nothing like sitting in a metal tube of recycled air to leave you looking you finest!


3. Accidentally got too much sun on a day trip…notice my pink nose and rosy forehead and freckles that you could see from space? Thanks to my red head genes, the tiniest amount of unprotected sun exposure ends in sunburn.


4. I got lazy with my water intake and changed my diet… see the lines on my forehead, this is my skins indicator that I have not been drinking enough. It takes me a week of drinking 2 litres per day to get my skin back to looking alive again.


5. I had some tests that show my hormones are out of balance…hello lack of firmness around my cheeks and dryness that even the heaviest of creams is failing to quench.


The beauty of this is that I know what is causing all of these things and 99% of them are my fault. They are showing up because the self care hasn’t been there. I’ve ignored my body when it wanted to rest, I’ve dismissed that subtle thirsty feeling, telling me to drink a big glass of water. Most of out skins behaviour is directly linked to how we are treating ourselves on the inside!


So heres to baring all and being perfectly imperfect. I have nothing to hide and I want to show you that just because you wake up with a big pimple on your chin doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful. It’s just a reminder to stop and take care of yourself a little better! Get your inner health and emotional wellbeing back on track. You’ll be amazed at how much your skin improves!!!


Keepin’ it Reals,