The 10 Skin Commandments


There are rules by which we live and I think the same must go for our skin if we want to have the happiest, healthiest skin for life!
If you’re guilty of breaking the skin commandments, you may just be banished to a lifetime of skin that tries every single day to remind you to play by the rules.


 1: Thou shalt cleanse before bed.
Even if you don’t wear make up, think about all the pollution, dust and airborne germs you walked through today. Nobody wants that rubbed Into their pillow and smeared all over their face while they sleep! Cleanse and moisturise before bed! if you don’t, I’ll personally take it upon myself to haunt you in your dreams!

2: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours skin care routine.
Just because your friend, colleague, neighbour has great skin ,doesn’t mean what they use is what you should use! Every skin is unique, so a blanket, ‘one size fits all’ isn’t the solution to your skin. Their dream skin care combo could be your worst nightmare!!!!!!

3: Thou shalt use a moisturiser.
Even if you have oily skin, a moisturiser to support your intrinsic skin type is necessary for the care of all skins. Every day. Rain. Hail. Shine!

4: Thou shalt NOT exfoliate every day.
This is a sure fire way to irritate and dry out your skin! Yes you can have too much of a good thing and exfoliating is one of those things! Once per week is all your skin needs. Any more and your overdoing it!

5: Thou shalt NOT pick and squeeze.
I promise you, once that little white head is out, there’s nothing left! Don’t dig and squeeze some more and tell me there’s more stuck in there. That hard lump left behind is swelling from the trauma you’ve just created. Skin is only nanometers thick (think of a few sheets of tissue paper) nothing is that deep that you can successfully get out with a squeezing sesh that leaves you red, swollen and sore!!!

6: Thou salt NOT use make up wipes. 
Never. I don’t care how tired you are, how drunk you are, how late it is! Not only are they loaded with not so skin friendly ingredients, they are not so great at removing all your make up and they leave your skin dry and damaged! Also, think about all those tissues going into landfill and clogging up our waterways? No thank you! Stick to a skin friendly, environmentally friendly cleanser !

7: Thou shalt wear sunscreen.
A low level SPF is needed every day, all year round, a higher SPF, broad spectrum rating is required if you spending a day at the beach, festival, gardening, playing golf… Slip, slip, slap! *higher spectrum and protective clothes are vital if you are tackling pigmentation!

8: Thou shalt NOT forget thy neck and dec! 
That’s right, your neck and décolletage make up your face. I tell all my clients, anything from the nipples north should be treated with your skin care products! From cleansing, serums, moisturiser and sun protection, use all of these for your face neck and chest! You’ll thank me when you turn 40!!

9: Thou shalt NOT forget eye cream. 
No you can’t use your moisturiser as your eye cream! Many of the ingredients in a moisturiser can cause irritation to your delicate eyes. Many moisturiser are too heavy for eyes leading to milia. Grab yourself an eye cream or gel that tackles the specific needs of our eye area!

10: Thou shalt NOT self diagnose.
 Answering a 10 point questionnaire at the beauty counter does not a skin diagnosis make, nor does reading a blog about skin types or the make up artist at your cousins wedding telling you you’re shiny so must be oily mean you’ve nailed it! Start off on the right foot with a professional diagnosis with an expert skin therapist. Then you can better make skin care choices that will support your skin and serve you for lifelong, happy healthy skin!!

So go forth and follow these rules. In return you will have skin that serves you all your life long!

Almighty Robyn (Ahem… Just Robyn is fine!)