What's all the fuss about?

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Why do we have skin?

Well this might seem obvious and it seems like a strange topic to talk about but the more I think about what skin does for us, the more I am amazed at how we give such little thought and respect to this VITAL organ!

Our skin is this covering that we wear every day, day in day out, from the day we are born til the day we die, our “birthday suit” is… well the most valuable suit we own.

This vital organ, yes, just like our heart, brain, kidneys, liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and lungs, our skin is one of those things you just can’t live without!

But aside from the whole keeping us alive thing, our skin is how we live our life with soooo much more pleasure and enjoyment.


Our skin is how we know that the sun is shining. We can feel the warmth of the sun through the nerve endings that detect heat. We feel when there is a summer breeze or rain or snow.

Skin is our sense of touch. It’s how we feel hugs and kisses from those that we love. It’s how we enjoy silky soft bed sheets or sand between our toes.
Skin is how we physically connect to our world and everything that surrounds us.

It is our warning system- it tells us if something is sharp and gives us goose bumps when we sense that something just isn’t quite right.

Skin reflects when we are unwell, reading a high temperature or change in colour to indicate that inside is not so happy. It will also reflect certain illnesses within the body like hormone imbalances or nutritional deficiencies. Mind blowing right?

Skin is our bodies temperature regulator, maintaining the ultimate level of comfort to keep all the other vital organs happy. When we are hot our skin cools us, when we are cold our skin works to warm us.

Skin is our filtration system, our bodies waste disposal system that eliminates toxins.

It is our first line of defence against everything we touch, it protects us from the outside world and is a vital part of our immune system.

If our heart is unhealthy we take action, if our liver is not working properly (hello gin and tonic!) we make efforts to be more aware…

For something that does so much for us, we aren’t so good at looking after it! We spend so much more effort on the preventative care of ever other organ but our skin!

Hands up if you’ve never really thought of your skin in this way? If when you look in the mirror and just see skin that is dull, pasty, break-out-y skin and wish it was different? Well, maybe, just maybe your skin is trying to tell you something? Maybe just maybe it is asking for some preventative care or something a little more intensive.

Maybe just maybe this might also get you thinking about what you put on it or how you treat it?

Got some thoughts on your skin? I’d love to hear them!
Show your skin some love!

Love Robyn xx