Therapist Consultation Resources

Great consultations are the most powerful tool in your skin business.
Nail the consult and you'll have everything you need to confidently lead your clients to amazing skin.

But a great consultation requires great tools and resources to help you create flow, keep you on track and make sure you've gathered all the information to help you find the leading cause of skin conditions. With a deeper understanding of your clients skin, you can create and even more effective treatment plan and product prescription.

My therapist Consultation Pack is the pack EVERY skin therapist needs!

Developed over my 18 year career of consulting with clients and creating amazing skin transformations, I'm now giving you the exact tools that my team and I use in our clinical skin consultations to get the most relevant information to help your clients.

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Everything You Need to consult with Confidence

✔️Consultation Form

A comprehensive consultation form that prompts you to dive deeper with your clients to discover the leading cause of their skin concerns, I cover all bases and prompt from topical skin care history, nutrition and lifestyle, medical hormonal and much more. I have tweaked and adapted this consultation form throughout my career to collect all the relevant data to be able to help my clients transform their skin.

✔️Skinside Out Diagrams

Take your skin consultations to the next level with the Skinside Out Diagrams.

A picture speaks a thousand words and having vibrand, easy to understand images helps clients connect the dots between what is happening in their skin and the deeper system cells and structures that are involved.

But step aside boring diagrams.  You loved the diagrams that were in my book, now you can use them in your clinic to help your team and clients understand skin on a deeper level.  With hand illustrated graphics depicting the keratinocyte lifecycle, melanogenesis, cell membrane health and everything you need to confidently share your skin knowledge, this book will quickly become your most used clinic or salon resource.

✔️Consultation Checklist

Never, ever walk away from a consultation having missed vital information to help you help you create solutions for your clients. My consultation checklist gives you a list everything you need to gather during your consultation so that you can make an informed recommendation and treatment plan.

✔️Prescription Form

With my prescription form, you will have a concise place to document the correct products and usage instructions to help your clients confidently use their skin care products no matter how new to the skin care world they might be. This prescription form helps you track your product recommendations but it also includes recommendations beyond topical skin care, that will help your clients achieve real results in their skin treatment journey. 

✔️Skin Type Daily Protocols

Send every client home with my Protocols of Daily Care to help them care for their unique skin type. 

The Protocols document also covers non-product based skin care and support to complement and further support their skin care journey. We all know that results are more than products and treatments, this protocol allows you to recommend lifestyle changes that will only enhance their results.

✔️Client Treatment Journey

As a bonus you also receive my Client treatment journey. The pathway to purpose driven skin appointments that help you take the lead and guide your clients to the destination of their skin dreams. Map out your clients treatments and plan for each step of the way. Following the Treatment Journey you'll step into each appointment with intention and purpose to navigate and lead the way for every single client. 


✔️Skinside Out - The Book

The book of ALL skin books.

Skinside Out Teaches clients and skin therapists everthing about how skin works and why understanding it is the only way to really create healthy glowing skin.

 Add this book to your skin library as a resource for you and your team or share it with your clients to empower them on their skin journey.

✔️Digital Portal

 Once you have received your physical pack in the mail, you'll get access to an online portal, containing recorded tutorials on how to use each document,  electronic copies of each checklist and protocol documents. These files are print ready but you can you can also edit, adapt and print your checklists and protocols to create documents that are super specific to your business use in your day to day. (if you are a little tech savvy, you can even add your own logo.)


✔️'How to' - Tech Support Tutorials

 Want to edit your documents?

I've created "how to" step by step directions on how to adapt your documents for your salon. Each documents is non-branded and ready to print and use but if you want to personalise them for your business, you'll find videos in the portal showing you how you can make each document your very own. 

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This pack with EVERYTHING you need to consult with confidence. 
~ Skinside Out The Book
~ Skinside Out Diagram Book
~ My Consultation Form
~ My Prescription Form
~ Consultation Check List
~ Skin Type Daily Protocols
~ Client Treatment Pathway/Journey 
~ Digital Support Portal
~ 'How-To' Tutorials 
Access to the digital portal will be supplied with the arrival of your physical consultation pack.


$297 (AUD) 


*International Purchases: Please check your countries individual customs fees.  Any customs charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

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Skinside Out Diagram Book

If you are looking for relatable diagrams to complement your consultations, or as a training resource to help your team better understand skin, this is the option for you.

All the images from Skinside Out as visual guides to help your clients understand their skin on a whole new level.  


10 illustrations plus my SPF table, ingredients cheat sheet and skin glossary, this diagram book is everything you need to confidently share your skin knowledge with your clients. 


$97 (AUD)
+ shipping

*International Purchases: Please check your countries individual customs fees.  Any customs charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

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Skinside Out Book Bundle


Get your hands on the Skinside Out Diagram book to support you in your skin consultations and get a copy of Skinside Out to put in your clinic library as great resource of learning from for your team or clients.

This pack contains - 1 x Diagram Book and 1 x Skinside Out Book   


$114.00 (AUD)
+ shipping

(save $12.95)

*International Purchases: Please check your countries individual customs fees.  Any customs charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

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