Our industry is ever evolving. Sometimes having a mentor to bounce ideas with can help you make quantum leaps to your career goals.


You might not need or want to commit to multiple sessions, but instead could use a power packed chat that will inspire you, kick your butt into gear and set you in the right direction. 

Wherever you are in the world we can have a virtual cuppa and talk shop, helping you set clear goals, create a guideline pathway to the incredible skin therapy career you dream about!  

Our session together includes:

  • A two hour zoom meeting focusing on what you want to achieve with your skin therapy career.
  • Pick my brain and ask me anything about skin, business, life and everything in between.
  • Guidance on where to focus to get the most immediate, measurable  results whilst you continue to grow in other areas 
  • Advice on course recommendations to help support your knowledge and fill any gaps you feel you have in your skillset. 
  • You session recorded for you to revise any time you like! 

I have a full calendar at the moment through to the middle next year so please check out the Skinside Out Squad below which i created to allow as much access to mentorship from me as possible.

Check out the Skinside Out Squad