I know you'll LOVE being surrounded by empowered skin therapists and everything that I have to share with you. But if you join up and just don't vibe with Me or the content, don't sweat it! I offer every squad member a 7 day money back guarantee. So there's no pressure if you feel like the squad isn't right for you.

  • Email [email protected] with an official request to be refunded your subscription within 7 days of signing up.  Any other requests received, from Facebook or otherwise will not be recognised as official forms of refund requests.
  • Any requests received after the 7 day period will not be refunded. This will be processed as a cancelled subscription, with the user having access to the community group for the period that has been paid for.


You may cancel at any time.  And just like cancelling your  your Netflix subscription, you will have access to The Squad community until the end of the paid subscription period.